IS-Sommer would like to inform you of the following change(s) to the listed TE Connectivity Product. In case of any further questions about this change(s), please contact your IS-Sommer Sales Engineer. Affected part, drawing and/or specification numbers are listed on the attached sheet(s).

PCN Number: P-15-011719    Date: 12.6.2015
General Product Description: Compound Reformulation for DWP-125 Tubing Products
PCN Type: Standard
Description Of Change: To continue to service our valued customers, we are announcing that TE Connectivity has qualified additional suppliers of ingredients for compounds used to manufacture our DWP-125 tubing products. The new ingredients are chemically equivalent to the current ingredients. The affected products will continue to meet the DWP-125 SCD and UL224 All Tubing Flame Test and CSA C22.2 No. 198.1-98 specifications. The compound formulation changes will take affect within the next 3 months. TE plans to conduct running changes for the reformulation. TE Connectivity believes these changes will not affect the form, fit or function of the products. TE also recommends that our customers conduct their own evaluation of these products in the specific applications where they are used. Samples and qualification reports are available to customers upon request through TE s sales channels.
Reason For Change: Product improvement.

Changed Drawing: ENG_CD_DWP-125_D1.pdf




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