IS-Sommer would like to inform you of the following change(s) to the listed TE Connectivity Product. In case of any further questions about this change(s), please contact your IS-Sommer Sales Engineer. Affected part, drawing and/or specification numbers are listed on the attached sheet(s).

PCN Number: E-15-008605      Date: 9.6.2015
General Product Description: S-CH00-0157-002 (CD), CH00-0250-004 (CD), CH00-0250-008 (CD)
PCN Type: Standard
Description Of Change: Obsolete to revise as Product Specifications.
Reason For Change: Document Clarification. Obsolete. Upload in system with next revision as Product Specification. Out dated drawings are not editable, therefore upload them as is.



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  • Der neue TE´s Raychem RSES
  • TE´s Raychem RPIT
  • u.v.m.

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