BMS13-XX Boeing

Boeing Spec Wire (BMS 13) products are some of the most reliable and trusted wires and cables available for the aerospace and military industries. All of our Boeing Spec wire products are designed and tested to meet Boeing specifications for use in most areas of construction. Whether you are transmitting power, data, or signals, IS-Rayfast has a Boeing Spec Wire to meet your needs.

We offer all types of BMS13 cable available in various configurations and made from the highest quality materials. You can choose conductors made from high strength copper alloy, silver coated, nickel coated, tin-plated and more.

BMS13 cables can operate in temperatures from -65°C to +310°C, data bus from 50-120 ohms and can carry up to 600 volts. You should choose a design of cable based on the needs and conditions of your specific application. Some conditions to consider should include:

  • Primary function of the cable (fibre optic, databus, general use, etc.)
  • Movement, chafing and vibration
  • Insulation material, thickness and weight (heavyweight or lightweight)
  • Pressurised or unpressurised environments
  • Corrosion, fire and temperature resistance
  • Conductor or shield coating material

BMS 13-48
Extruded XL-ETFE wire and cable - For more Info please read the PDF
BMS 13-60 Arc resistant wire and cable - For more Info please read the PDF

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