The automotive market has many different requirements:

Varying from cost-effective and space-economical products for commercial automotive applications through to capability of withstanding harsh environments as found in building site equipment and machines, or trucks and busses, combined with the generally higher current requirements.

Motor sport applications have to withstand very harsh environments, extremes of high temperature and vibration, coupled with reductions in size and weight being necessitated to strength all technologies into evolving product ranges.

Up-to date automotive development also necessitates special requirements and utilisation of materials and technologies, the packaging management and the possibility to cope with very complex size and shape constraints.

Initially in the automotive development history there were few constraints regarding packaging of components, with issues concerning weight and sound quality being of secondary importance, along with thermal requirements being minimal and the overall complexity of the vehicles and modules being far simpler.

A lot of things have changed meanwhile. Today the challenge of developing is much more intricate for the design and manufacturing engineers. Real time and cost efficient development can be done in the most cases by using special “protection products”. New developments of vehicles can not be made successfully without such little “helpful products”.

IS-Sommer is your trusted partner with proven design assistance and technical support, imaginative solution capability and a vast range of readily available protection products for the engineering requirements at both OEM and sub Tier suppliers. In addition, a large spectrum of shrinkable- and marking products are available by IS-Sommer from the substantial warehouse facilities located in Germany.

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