Energy technology

Within the Energy Division, Sommer offers various solutions for electrical transmission and energy distribution. Products are used in a wide range of applications such as mobile telephone systems, electric power supply companies, public services and for fitting and installation companies and the general industrial market. This range of products fulfils the highest requirements in quality and user-friendliness and is in line with all international standards and valid quality specifications.

A small overview of the product range in low voltage:

-Heat Shrinking Products (e.g. Tubing’s, Sealing End Caps, Repair Sleeves)
- Cable- and Wall Penetration
- Duct Sealing System for Power Cables
- Heat Shrinkable Joints from 1kv up to 30kv
- Resin-Filled Joints 1kv
- Power Gel Insulating Products 1kv
- Connection- and Fuse Boxes for Street Lighting
- Connectors & Fittings

At medium voltage applications customers are offered a wide range of products for all types of requirements:

- Heat Shrink Terminations up to 40kv
- Heat Shrinkable Joints up to 40kv
- Metallic Oxide Voltage Arrester

The Sales engineers are skilled at being able to offer on-the-spot support and on site training from 1kv up to 30kv.

What happens if the plumbing above a building’s network equipment springs a leak? Or a bathroom sink next to an order processing center backs up? No problem! We can help you with our new Leak Detection and Location Systems (TraceTek). With TraceTek you are offered a reliable solution to pinpoint a leak at its source.

For a more detailed description on the range of products offered please see below.

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