Hexashield® - High Performance EMC Adaptors

Designed to provide EMC protection solutions for both commercial and military applications,
Hexashield® adaptors represent a significant improvement over pigtail termination methods. By providing 360º EMC shielding on the termination area of each individual cable, Hexashield® adaptors provide outstanding shielding effectiveness.

Hexashield® adaptors are simple to install, easy to maintain, and dependably resistant to mechanical and environmental stresses.

Features & Benefits

• Simple installation

• Easy re-entry

• Simplified maintenance and repair

• Excellent mechanical and environmental resistance

• Efficient strain relief

• Flexibility

• Versatility

Principle Points & Features

  • Easy re-entry: To insert or remove ferrules from the Hexashield® adaptor, simply loosen the back nut.

  • Superior protection: No degradation of shielding performance.

  • Up to four shielded cables accommodated by each ferrule.

  • Mechanical and environmental protection equal to backshells complying with MIL-C-85049 Category 3B.

  • Strain relief on each individual cable.

  • Weight reduction, by possibly eliminating the need for overall shielding.

  • Compact size not exceeding outer diameter of connector.

  • Platings available - Electroless Nickel and Olive Drab Cadmium specifications.

Simple, one-piece assembly & installation

  1. Solder cable or wire shield to a ferrule with heatshrinkable SolderShield® terminator.

  2. Clip ferrule into one of the grounding star cavities.

  3. Secure the back nut of the Hexashield® adaptor so that the conic ring assembly automatically compresses the ferrules.


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