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Fibre Type

CID-A-A-52080 Type I - Braided Nylon (Polyamide) Lacing Tape

• General purpose lacing tape

CID-A-A-52081 Type II - Braided Polyester (Dacron®) Lacing Tape

• Superior knot tying properties to Nylon
• High temperature performance available in a range of finishes
• Suitable for aerospace/NASA applications
• Also available “Pre-shrunk” to reduce longitudinal shrinkage

CID-A-A-52082 Type III - Braided Teflon® Lacing Tape

• High heat resistance
• Good resistance to fluids and solvents
• Suitable for aircraft engine applications
• Also available “Pre-shrunk” to reduce longitudinal shrinkage

CID-A-A-52083 Type IV - Braided Fibreglass Lacing Tape

• Extremely high temperature performance
• Very low elongation
• Minimal fibre to fibre abrasion (Teflon pre-treated yarn)
• Produced from continuous filament electrical grade glass (E-Glass)

CID-A-A-52084 Type V - Braided Nomex® (Heat resistant) Lacing Tape

• Extremely high temperature performance
• Non flammable
• Highly resistant to fluids and lubricants
• Suitable for critical aircraft harness applications, identifiable by a green coloured tracer


The physical dimensions of lacing tapes, coupled with the type of fibre used, will effect the overall strength of the finished tape. Generally, larger wire and cable bundles use tapes with a high tensile strength. The following tables provide the information required to select the lacing tape, for any given application requirement.


There are two form options available:

Braided flat lacing tape

• Used extensively throughout the aerospace industry
• Increased knot retention
• Ideal for applications requiring reductions in size and weight
• Good vibration performance with long term integrity and reliability

Round and twisted braided cords

• Good all-round performance
• Ideal for less demanding industrial and commercial harness applications


A wide range of lacing tape finishes are available that meet the requirements of the CID-A-A-52080 to CID-A-A-52084 (MIL-T-43435), as well as demanding industrial and commercial applications. Finishes are generaly used to improve a lacing tapes physical properties and performance characteristics. The following finishes are currently available, however not all finishes are available on all products. For further information please contact us.

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