Databus Components (MIL-STD-1553B) - In-line microcouplers: one & two stub


The low profile configuration of these couplers enables avionics system designers to plan for optimum coupler locations. Microcouplers are supplied with Raychem Spec 55 databus cables, including EMP hardened versions. They are also available assembled with other components into a complete databus harness.


  • Environmental sealing
  • Very small size
  • No connectors
  • Light weight (1 stub: 10g max, 2 stubs: 15g max)
  • In-line profile that makes wire bundle mounting possible
  • 360º continuous low-impedance cable shield terminations
  • Reliable solder termination of all components
  • Potted circuit elements for maximum durability and in-use reliability
  • Ease of installation
  • Altitude immersion resistance
  • Optional eyelet configurations for bulkhead mounting
  • Mean time between failures >1,000,000 hours
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