HLX125 Narrow edge leading, low fire hazard tie-on cable marker tags


HLX cable markers assembled in a Narrow Edge Leading (NEL) format for use with the T212M & TE3124 printers. Ideal for use in applications where the volume is small or wiring complexity is simple.

These markers are manufactured from the same low fire hazard material as the standard HLX markers making them ideal in applications where low smoke, low toxicity and zero halogen are critical.

These markers are attached to cables, bundles and larger wire by cable ties.


-40ºC to +105ºC
  • Recommended for use where combustion of products may endanger personnel or delicate electronics
  • Ideal for low volume applications with T212M printer
  • Two formats available
  • Same material and approvals as standard HLX cable markers
  • Ideal for pre or post termination assembly

• RW 2529 & TTDS-134
• UL 224 (clause 14)
• BS 4G 198 Part 3
• ASTM D 2671
• SAE AS81531 4.6.2
• MIL-STD-202 Method 215K
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