PERIFLEX SELF CLOSING-SE PLAI7 - PERIFLEX SELF CLOSING-SE (PLAI7) - Sleevings for thermal, electrical, mechanical & EMI applications


Mechanical and thermal protection of electrical conductors and other components. The sleeving is capable of short-therm operation above its thermal classification. Due to its special closing mechanism, it's the ideal product to assembly at the end of the process. Ideal for aerospace and railway applications.


Woven open sleeve made of monofilament and multifilament polyester flame-retardant fibers. The material possess unique wraparound qualities allowing easy cable bundling after wire harness assembly. The special woven structure does not allow to see through it the cables inside. Black color with white tracer line.


-40ºC to +150ºC
  • Recyclable
  • Halogen free
  • Extra flexible
  • Very few dust when cutting
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Very high closing force
  • Guillotine cutting
  • Self extinguishing

• IEC 60684 sheet 340

• UL 224

• FAR 25.853

• Airbus Dir.ABD 0031

• NF F16101
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