Raybraid - Tubular braiding for electrical EMI/EMC screening


Ray 90 has a minimum 90% optical coverage and is available in a wide range of sizes to cover 2.0mm to 36.0mm diameters.

Ray 101 and 103 (super flexible) have a minimum 93% and maximum 100% optical coverage with a high usable expansion ratio (minimum 2:1), available in a wide range of sizes to cover 2.5 to 38.0mm diameters.

Standard Ray 90 and Ray 101 are tinned copper and Ray 103 is nickel plated copper for high temperature applications. Ray 101 and Ray 103 are also fully compatible with Tinel Lock™ adaptors for termination of the braid to connectors and backshells.

  • 90% minimum optical coverage
  • Super flexible with high expansion ratios
  • Supplied on a plastic former to maintain round profile
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