REVITEX VSR-HA - Sleevings for thermal, electrical, mechanical & EMI applications


Ideal thermal and electrical insulating material, in places and devices with high operating temperatures, thermal overcharges and mechanical stress. By means of its special composition the sleeving keeps its round shape. This makes its easy to pass cables through the interior of the sleeving.


Round shape fiberglass braid impregnated with silicone varnish and coated with a special silicone rubber. Its main characteristic is the thin silicone rubber coating, which allows to have a higher dielectric strength with a thinner wall and high abrasion resistance.


-40ºC to +235ºC, peaks at +300ºC (6 hours)
  • Halogen free
  • Self-extinguishing VW 1
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Toxic odorless
  • High dielectric strength with thin wall
  • Easy to install, highly flexible, very round shape
  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils, fluids and aggressive chemical agents

• IEC 60684 sheets 400-402

• UL 224

• Ford SJM-99D9720-A (heat resistant insulating sleeving)

• BOSCH Standard 56731 (fiberglass insulating sleeving, silicone rubber coated, very flexible)

• BOSCH PVA 7539 (test specifications for insulating sleeving)
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