S1048 Adhesive Adhesive Tape


S1048 is a hot melt polyolefin based adhesive which primarily is supplied solution coated onto moulded shapes as /86.1t is generally used as a high strength hot melt adhesive. Although upper service temperature is 105°C, terminations should not be under inservice flexural stress at temperatures much above 60-70°C. Operating temperature range of-80°C to 120°C.

Colour: Translucent Yellow
Dimensions: Width: 25.4mm wide
Thickness: 0.66mm
Packaging: 30mtr roll
Specification: RK6626/RT1050/6


S1048 will adhere extremely well to most cable jacket materials, ie: ZHTM, DR-25, FDR or RNF as long as enough heat has been applied at the installation stage to ensure complete flow and wettability of the adhesive. This product will generally give a higher bond strength to most substrates when compared to S1030.

Installation Guidelines

Prepare surfaces to be bonded by abrading the substrate using 100 Grit Abrasive cloth. Cut required amount of adhesive tape and position as required. Apply a small amount of heat to secure adhesive tape in place. As a general guide, two wraps of adhesive tape should be applied. When using adhesive tape with a Raychem Adaptor, the knurled area and the recess lip, should both be applied with the adhesive tape. When second surface to be bonded is heated and recovered, post heat all bonds for at least 60 seconds. As a general guide the CV 1981 Heat Gun should be on setting 7 with a PR26 or PR51 Reflector fitted. Allow bonds to cool before flexing. Due to high temperature needed to achieve correct installation, this adhesive is not recommended for –4 moulded parts or heat sensitive substrates.

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