S1081 - Self-Amalgamating Harness Tape

S 1081 is a modified, self-amalgamating, non-flame retarded, polyolefin based harness tape. lt has a continuous operating temperature of -80°C to +130°C and a self-amalgamating temperature of +120°C.

Colour: Black
Dimensions: Width: 20mm nominal
Thickness: 0.64mm nominal
Packaging: 1 Omtr roll interleaved with release paper
Specification: RK6019


S 1081 is used as a protective wrap an damaged cables and irregular shapes where it is not practical to install a heat shrinkable moulded part or tubing. When heated in excess of 120°C, the tape shrinks lengthways and seif-amalgamates, forming a tightly fitting, continuous cover.


Tightly wrap the S 1081 around the substrate using a 50% overlap. The free end of the tape may be secured by "tacking" with a soldering iron or hot air gun. The entire taped area should then be heated in excess of 1 20°C using a hot air gun, alternatively placed in an oven at 1 20°C for 15 minutes. This will cause the tape to amalgamate.

When used with cable jacketed in Raychem's DR-25, NT or RNF-1 00 tubings, S 1081 will also bond to the substrate to give a total seal. For other substrates, we recommend that a brief adhesion test is carried out prior to installation. When necessary, S 1030 Adhesive Tape may be placed at each end, under the layer of S 1081, in order to seal more effectively.

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