S1255-04 Adhesive Tape


This specification covers the requirements for one type of flexible epoxy for use with heat-recoverable, plastic and elastomeric tubing and molded components. When used as specified with other compatible components, this epoxy is suitable for use in fluid resistant, high temperature harness systems as described herein.

Colour: black
Dimensions: Width: 13 mm wide
Thickness: 0.13 mm
Packaging: 100FT


S1255-04 will adhere extremely well to most cable jacket materials, ie: RT555, HCTE, VITON as long as enough heat has been applied at the installation stage to ensure complete flow and wet ability of the adhesive.

Installation Guidelines

Wrap one layer of the S-1255-04 adhesive tape around the inner substrate. Place a 3/4-inch (19-mm) wide piece of masking tape lengthwise to 1) hold the adhesive in place and 2) provide unbonded ends from the outer substrate to insert into a tensile tester. Place the tubing or molded component substrates over the adhesive-coated inner substrate and rapidly recover with a heat gun in accordance with the applicable installation instructions. Finally, heat in an air circulating oven at 150± 5°C (302 +/- 9°F) for 40 minutes.

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